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im gonna take a shower and scrub away all the bad decisions i made while playing all the mass effect games

My mortality has me dwelling on things, the memories that are hard to escape are those of despair.


i fucked up on the ending of me3 and im redoing it because im pissed off 

i chose the control ending and the i dont think anyone on the normandy survived? they crashed on a planet and the door opened but it cut to the credits wtf i gotta know if garrus and my gross boyfriend are okay

Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Nylon Guys (May 2014)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Nylon Guys (May 2014)


I noticed that Kaidan’s favourite place is the Starboard Observation Lounge and he particularly likes to relax on that chair (not sure about the design because I drew it from my memory but you get the idea), so I visited him very often there and I was like come on baby, we could be both dead tomorrow, let’s talk let’s cuddle let’s do whatever you want

but he just kept ignoring me

he’s a cruel lover


richardriders replied to your post: im so scared to finish me3 i dont know…


i really dont want to finish it i really dont 

but i have to because i go back to school soon and i’ve got apush homework and a book to read but more importantly i’ve got a galaxy to save