hey does anyone know of good gaming headsets for a ps3?

Things Charles Xavier will never do again

"What now, colonel?"

Favourite characters • Kaidan Alenko

You can’t control your career as an actor, if you could strategize your way to the top, then everybody would be successful and playing the leads in movies where they’re commanding millions of dollars. And they’re not. You can’t. There are better actors than me who are struggling, and there are worse actors than me who are coining it in. Luckily for me, the work has just kept coming. If a director doesn’t want me, that’s their fucking loss.

Some places are like people: some shine and some don’t.

i got to stay home today cause im sick lol thanks body

So… this everything you were hoping for?

Two sides of the same coin.

recommend me fun video games that aren’t dragon age

lenhnsherr replied to your post: none of my friends ever want to hang o…

I’d hang with youuuu

lets go to the zOO!!!!!!